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Financial Controller to Strongwoman: Meet Dianna,Driving Success at Drink X

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Allow us to introduce you to Dianna Maddalena, one of Drink X's most versatile employees.

With 32 years of experience in finance and accounting, Dianna has become an expert in her field. Moving beyond her comfort zone also as a musculoskeletal therapist, a critical skill that allows her to help her colleagues in a new way.

At Drink X, Dianna wears many hats, from financial controller to sales and reception. Her flexibility and willingness to assist wherever required make her a linchpin in the company's success.

Outside of work, Dianna is just as accomplished. A keen fitness enthusiast, Dianna loves weight training and running, and she's currently training for a strongwoman competition in December. Although it's no easy feat, Dianna's sheer determination and hard work shine through.

Whether it's in her professional or personal life, Dianna's passion for learning and achieving success sets her apart as a committed and multi-skilled individual. Her ability to adapt to new situations and her love for a good challenge shows us that anything can be conquered with the right mindset.

In summary, Dianna Maddalena is a force to be reckoned with. Her multi-tasking abilities, experience, and passion for growth make her an asset to Drink X, and her story is an inspiration to anyone looking to challenge themselves.


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