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Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Drink X Induction training
Drink X employees undertaking induction and training

Our commitment to excellence, dignity, and the environment sets us apart in the Coffee, Non-alcoholic, and Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing industry.

Since 2020, we've prioritised Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) to ensure every sip is enjoyed in a safe environment. With PPE, induction training, recycling initiatives, forklift safety, and impeccable cleanliness, we've earned our HACCP accreditation and satisfied all food safety requirements.

Our employees play a vital role, engaging in regular induction sessions (pictured here), training, and staying informed through notices and email newsletters.

We continuously review and enhance our OH&S policies, raising the bar even higher. Our record of zero injuries and a truly happy workplace speak volumes.

Collaborating with external experts further strengthens our commitment to safety. By choosing Drink X, you support our broader corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Let's raise our glasses to safety! #RaiseYourGlasses#CommitmentToSafety#DrinkX

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