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Drink X has the capabilities to package cider and ready-to-drink products in 20L, 30L and 50L kegs.


We have previously packaged coffee, cider and numerous spirit ready-to-drink products.

30 Litre keg
20 Litre Keg
50 Litre Keg



  • 20L

  • 30L

  • 50L


  • Coffee

  • Cider

  • Ready-to-drink spirit products

  • Non-Alcoholic products


  • Mandatory keg caps

  • Optional keg collars


  • In-line carbonation

  • Velcorin® (DMDC) dosing

  • Sterilisation of kegs (internal and external)

  • Pressure check on all kegs

Quality Assurance

  • Pre-packaging analysis (SG, NTU, C02, conductivity, temp check, taste check)

  • 15 min QA checks (Nitrogen, velcorin dispenser, C02, steam operation, steam temperature, keg print, cap check)

  • Volume check at the beginning of every run and every 4 hours (weight empty, weight full, net weight, specific gravity, volume, flow meter volume)

  • Learn more about our site wide QA standards here

How it works

Liquid Preparation

The beverage product that is required to be kegged can be bulk delivered to Drink X for storage in stainless steel tanks until it’s due for kegging.


Drink X can also create the beverage product on-site to match an existing recipe or to satisfy an NPD brief.

Kegging process

  • Kegs are cleaned externally

  • Kegs are emptied and caustic cleaned

  • Kegs are citric cleaned

  • Kegs are steam sterilised

  • Kegs are filled with desired product

  • Kegs are loaded onto a pallet for transport

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