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At Drink X, we proudly operate two cutting-edge glass bottling lines that excel in contract bottling various products. From the elegance of still and sparkling wines to the refreshing notes of ciders, RTDs, and non-alcoholic delights, our advanced facilities are primed to bring your beverages to life.


Bottle Sizes

  • 187ml

  • 300ml

  • 330ml

  • 345ml

  • 375ml

  • 500ml

  • 600ml

  • 750ml

Bottles Closures

  • Cork

  • Screwcap

  • Crown seal (twist or pry off)


  • Front & back labels

  • Neck labels/medallions

Cluster Pak Wraps


For Cider & RTD bottles

  • 4 packs

  • 6 packs

Carton Pack Sizes

  • 6 packs

  • 12 packs

  • 24 packs

Liquid options

Contract Canning


Drink X are experts in Contract Canning, which enables the customer to deliver their completed beverage liquid to Drink X to be stored in stainless steel tanks until the product is due for packaging by Drink X.

Recipe Matching

Drink X Lab's team of beverage development experts can produce beverage products in line with existing recipes to match current products in market, before canning them.

Beverage Creation

Drink X are NPD experts and can create the desired beverage product to suit a client brief, scale the product for mass production and package in can format.

Quality Assurance

  • Production date, best before and batch/lot number coding

  • Seam tests conducted every hour utilising Visionary QC technology

  • C02 and dissolved oxygen (DO) checks during packaging

  • Pre, during and post-packaging laboratory analysis (SG, NTU, C02, conductivity, weight checks)

  • Scales machines on canning lines to reject any low filled cans

Ready to get bottling?

Speak to our team today

17 Crown St

South Geelong, 

3220, VIC

03 5200 8095

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