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Adaptation and flexibility keys to success.

The Key to Drink X's success has been adaptation and flexibility.

Covid-19 really threw a curveball at us all. CEO Tim remembers sitting in the factory, and his phone ringing non-stop all day with nothing but cancellation orders. The government had just announced the closure of major events and hospitality venues, which was Tims entire business. He was faced with the daunting question: "what are we going to do? Could we afford to pay our staff? Rent? And equipment leases?"

He knew he couldn't just shut the doors and walk away. He recalls coming into work one Monday with the hope of finding a solution. That's when he realised that he had to adapt his business.

He needed to find a way to make something people needed. In just four days, he transitioned the business from beverage manufacturing to producing hand sanitiser. This is where Surf Coast Sanitiser was born. These products are available here: but will shortly be available on the Drink X Website.

Since then Tim's the beverage side of the business enterprise has come back online, expanded and now Drink X has relaunched itself into new and exciting opportunities.

Tim has proven no matter what circumstances we face there is always a way through. If you would like to know more of the heart of our business and be part of this amazing Drink X family then contact us today.

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