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Drink X is capable of transporting packaged and bulk goods both domestically and internationally. We can arrange transport via road, rail or ship.


Our logistics and export team facilitates the transport of both bulk, and packaged liquids nationwide and internationally.


Drink X also operates a domestic warehouse capable of storing 200 pallets.

Warehouse capabilities

Drink X operates an on-site warehouse that can store 200 pallets of finished stock and dry-goods. A mixture of block stacking and pallet racking is utilised throughout the warehouse to maximise pallet storing capabilities.


Our Warehouse team prepare and dispatch orders on weekdays, sending Drink X and customers products across the nation. Drink X can store a limited amount of customers finished products once produced at our South Geelong facility for a weekly storage fee.

Our Warehouse is meticulously tracked and organised utilising the latest Paperless Warehousing technology. This keeps track of every pallet in the warehouse and ensures that the oldest lot numbers are despatched first.

Export Ready

Eager to take Drink X's exceptional creations worldwide? We're export-ready and committed to making it happen.


As a leading beverage manufacturer, Drink X ensures every product meets global standards for export. However, the exporting process itself is in your capable hands.


While we prepare the goods, arranging the export is your prerogative. Need suggestions for trusted exporters? We've got you covered. Our network of reliable partners is here to support your international trade venture.


Let's expand horizons and share Drink X's outstanding offerings with the world! 


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