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Unleashing Creativity:Christopher Schonfelder, the Miniature-Painting Prod. Supervisor at DrinkX

At Drink X, we have a diverse team of talented individuals who are passionate about creating exceptional beverages. One such individual is Christopher Schonfelder, our Production Supervisor. With a background in production and management, Christopher brings a wealth of experience to our team. In this interview, we delve into Christopher's journey, his role at Drink X, and his creative hobbies outside of work.

Christopher Schonfelder's professional journey has been an interesting one. He started his career working at a supermarket, gaining valuable experience in production and supervision. Seeking new challenges, he transitioned to managing a pizza store before finding his true calling in meat production. Now, as a Production Supervisor at Drink X, Christopher plays a vital role in running the evening shift and overseeing the production of our refreshing beverages.

When asked about what he loves most about his role at Drink X, Christopher emphasises the freedom and the opportunity to work with an incredible team. He finds joy in collaborating with his colleagues, helping them achieve their best and driving the production process forward. Christopher's passion for teamwork and his dedication to fostering a supportive environment make him a valuable asset to the Drink X family.

Outside of work, Christopher immerses himself in various hobbies that fuel his creativity. One of his primary interests is wargaming, a strategic tabletop game that involves painting and building miniatures. Christopher takes pride in his ability to bring these plastic miniatures to life with intricate painting techniques. His passion for gaming extends to PC gaming as well, keeping him engaged and busy during his leisure time.

Interestingly, Christopher's hobby aligns with another team member at Drink X, Zack. While Christopher focuses more on the gaming aspect, Zack specializes in the art of miniature painting. Their shared interest has created an opportunity for them to bond and explore new gaming experiences together. Christopher has even introduced Zack to the world of plastic miniatures, expanding his artistic horizons.

When asked about his involvement in miniature painting, Christopher expresses his satisfaction in creating something tangible and visually appealing. While he modestly admits that Zack is more skilled in the art of painting, Christopher enjoys the process of bringing miniatures to life through colors and intricate detailing. It serves as a creative outlet that complements his role as a Production Supervisor.

Christopher Schonfelder's passion for production and his creative hobbies make him a standout member of the Drink X team. As a Production Supervisor, he not only ensures the smooth running of our evening shift but also fosters a collaborative environment where every team member thrives. Christopher's dedication to his craft, both in the production line and in the world of miniature painting, reflects his commitment to excellence. At Drink X, we are proud to have Christopher as a part of our team, continuously inspiring us with his innovative mindset and love for creativity.

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