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Savouring Excellence: The Great Ocean Road Gin Collaboration Unveils Mid Alc Delight

🌟 Celebrating Years of Excellence with Great Ocean Road Gin! 🍸🌊

Exciting news! Great Ocean Road Gin, our esteemed partner, has just unveiled their latest creation: Mid Alc, a delightful addition to their G&T range with only 4% ABV, making it perfect for those seeking a lighter option.

Our journey with Great Ocean Road Gin has been an incredible one, filled with shared dedication to crafting exceptional experiences in the world of beverages. For years, we've had the privilege of being their dedicated manufacturer for the renowned Great Ocean Road Gin and Tonic.

Crafting Coastal Excellence

Great Ocean Road Gin, the pioneer of gin production along the stunning Great Ocean Road, has consistently delivered handcrafted perfection, celebrating the natural beauty of their coastal home. Their commitment has inspired us throughout our partnership.

The Result: A Coastal Masterpiece

The result? The Great Ocean Road Gin and Tonic, a masterpiece that's captured hearts and delighted palates for years. This small-batch gin, infused with locally sourced botanicals, immerses you in the landscapes that inspired it, offering a taste of coastal exploration.

Tasting Room and Gin Kitchen Delights

When you visit the Great Ocean Road Gin Tasting Room and Gin Kitchen, you step into a world of refined taste and experience. In the Tasting Room, explore their gin universe, savor tasting trays, and enjoy signature cocktails. Plus, you can take home their signature coastal gins.

At the Gin Kitchen, immerse yourself in a culinary journey inspired by Southeast Asian cuisine. Indulge in delectable sharing plates, expertly crafted cocktails, and a selection of local beers and wines, providing a memorable feast for your senses.

A Toast to Excellence

Today, as we celebrate this enduring partnership, we invite you to raise a toast to Great Ocean Road Gin and the magic of our collaboration. Here's to more years of excellence, flavor, and unforgettable moments! 🌟🌊

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Drink X, your gateway to exceptional beverage experiences.

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