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Santa's Secret Partners Revealed: Drinkx Saves Christmas!

As the holiday cheer fills the air, there's a buzz of excitement at our South Geelong production facility. Our dedicated team of elves have been hard at work, ensuring that this Christmas, the magic of the season remains intact.

Unveiling this Friday, December 15, is a special behind-the-scenes glimpse into Drinkx's pivotal role in saving Christmas! 🎅🎄

In a heartwarming video production, witness firsthand how Drinkx becomes Santa's ultimate partner, contributing to the seamless distribution of joy and presents across the globe on Christmas Eve.

But what exactly happens behind closed doors at Drinkx? Stay tuned for our upcoming video release as we unveil the enchanting story of how we play an essential part in Santa's mission.

Join us on this magical journey and mark your calendars for Friday, December 15th, to witness how Drinkx helps Santa save the day! 🌟✨

Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks as we count down to the big reveal!

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