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"It's not just another Monday - its a chance to excel!"

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

Unveiling the Magic Behind Drink X: An Insightful Chat with Canning Line Co-ordinator, Zac Burton!

Here at Drink X, we take immense pride in our dedicated team that ensures every sip of your favorite beverage is a masterpiece. Today, we sat down with Zac Burton, our Canning Line Co-Ordinator, to gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to excel in his role and contribute to the exceptional quality you've come to expect from Drink X.

Q: Zach, what does it take to be an operator here at Drink X?

Zac: That's a great question! In my book, there are three key ingredients to being a standout operator: a can-do attitude, attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. It's as simple as that!

Q: Could you elaborate on the "can-do attitude" and how it comes into play?

Zac: Absolutely. Having a can-do attitude means showing up ready to tackle any challenge. It's not about dwelling on what's going wrong; it's about focusing on what you can do to make things right. It's all about being proactive and solution-oriented.

Q: And how do you handle situations when things don't go as planned?

Zac: Well, I'm a pretty easygoing guy. When the going gets tough, I believe the best approach is to stay calm and collected. Stressing out only makes matters worse. I find it effective to take a step back, assess the situation, and tackle the issues one step at a time.

Q: Attention to detail was another quality you mentioned. Could you dive deeper into that aspect?

Zac: Absolutely. As a canning line co-ordinator, my main responsibility is overseeing the entire canning process. From start to finish, I need to ensure that every step is executed flawlessly. That means I have to be vigilant and pay attention to every minute detail to guarantee the end product is top-notch.

Q: Lastly, you mentioned a "commitment to excellence." Could you share your perspective on that?

Zac: Of course. To me, commitment to excellence is the driving force that elevates an operator to a true superstar. It's about giving 110% effort every single day, treating each product as if it were your own. I ask myself, "If this were my creation, would I be proud of it?" If the answer is no, I push harder and make it better. It's a mindset that translates into delivering the best, every time.

Q: You truly are an inspiration, Zac. Any parting thoughts for our readers?

Zac: Thank you for the kind words! To everyone out there, remember that it's not just another Monday – it's a chance to excel, grow, and bring your best to the table. At Drink X, we're all in this together, and we're here to make every day a fantastic one!

Zac Burton's insights provide a glimpse into the dedication and passion that fuel the heart of Drink X. Our commitment to excellence and innovation is embodied by every team member, ensuring that each can of Drink X is a masterpiece that embodies the spirit of craft and quality.

Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes conversations that reveal the magic behind your favorite beverages! 🍻✨

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