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Experience the Pure Organic Taste of Freed Beverages', Brewed On-site at Drink X South Geelong

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Introducing Freed Beverages' Orange and Passion Fruit Unsweetened Tea Soda, the latest delicious and healthy drink to be added to the line of organic beverages manufactured by Drink X in their south Geelong facility. Drink X is thrilled to have partnered with Freed, a company passionate about organic, unsweetened, and low-processed drinks, to produce their Tea Soda with a commitment to quality and experience.

Since our inception, Drink X has championed the production of quality drinks that promote healthy living and wellness, and our collaboration is a testament to our commitment. Freed Beverages' Tea Soda is free from harmful additives such as sweeteners, preservatives, and artificial colours, making it a perfect beverage alternative for individuals seeking healthier drink options.

Freed Founder Scott Huntley's vast experience in brewing organic, unsweetened, and sparkling tea soda served as a valuable asset in creating a top-quality product. The organic & fair trade tea is brewed locally in Melbourne, blended with water, natural flavours, and citric acid. The Drink X team ensures that every step of the production process, from sparking, canning, labelling, packaging, and palletising the Tea Soda, is held to the highest quality standards.

At Drink X, we are proud to work with Freed Beverages and share their passion for providing customers with the best quality drinks and driving the organic and unsweetened trend forward. When you choose Freed Beverages' Unsweetened Tea Soda, you're choosing the purest and most refreshing drink, in support of organic and unsweetened drink revolution.

Try Freed Beverages' Orange and Passion Fruit Unsweetened Tea Soda today, and embrace the health benefits of organic unsweetened drinks.

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