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Drink X CEO's Hook Employees with Fabulous Fishing Trip!

Are you tired of hearing about all the negativity and challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic presented? Well, here's something refreshing for you!

Tim, Miles and Glenn with their prize catch including a two metre Marlin.

Drink X CEO's Tim and Alex Page-Walker recently took two long-serving staff members on an impressive fishing trip to Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth, Western Australia. The generous gesture was a way for Tim and Alex to express their appreciation for our amazing staff who stood strong, and gave Tim and Alex solid and constsnt support throughout the challenging Covid-19 lockdown.

The stunning Ningaloo Reef, with its mesmerising and abundant marine life, provided the perfect backdrop for the fishing trip. The two staff members, Miles and Glenn, who had stood by them through this extremely difficult time were well deserving of this incredible travel experience.

This gesture is a reflection of Drink X values, which promote a strong sense of unity and support among its staff members.

It's no surprise that the entire team is feeling more inspired and motivated than ever before, knowing that their efforts are recognised and appreciated. This gesture is a clear indication that Drink X is not just any other organisation, but a community of people who care about each other's welbeing.

As we gradually approach post-Covid times, we could do with more positivity and encouraging news such as this gesture shown by the Drink X CEO's.

What positive stories do you have to share?

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