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100% Victorian-made: Discover the Taste of Local Craftsmanship with Drink X and Calm and Stormy.

When it comes to selecting the best beverages on the market, we all love a quality product that has been locally sourced and crafted to perfection. At Drink X, we source and manufacture our products right here in Australia, ensuring that our customers receive premium quality beverages made with local craftsmanship. We are proud to team up with Calm and Stormy to deliver their refreshing mineral water cans, all made right here in Victoria.

Calm and Stormy's sparkling mineral water has become synonymous with quality and environmental sustainability. With the water sourced from a volcanic spring in Victoria's Central Highlands and infused with beneficial minerals, it's no wonder the brand has become a favourite amongst discerning customers. Moreover, Calm and Stormy's water is canned in 100% recyclable aluminium cans, making it environmentally friendly and safe for consumption.

Partnering with Calm and Stormy reinforces Drink X’s commitment to delivering quality products while supporting the local community. By sourcing and producing beverages within Victoria, we ensure that our customers receive only the best products crafted by locals that are passionate about their work. From the volcanic spring to the can, every step of the production process reflects our dedication to local craftsmanship and environmental sustainability.

Drink X and Calm and Stormy are proud to deliver our 100% Victorian-made product to customers who appreciate quality and ethos of being environmentally sustainable. Now, you can sample the best local craftsmanship with the refreshing taste of Calm and Stormy sparkling mineral water. Enjoy the real taste of Victoria, made by Victorians, for Victorians and all Australians. Try Calm and Stormy today, because drinking local has never felt so good!

The Calm and Stormy Water is available in 7-Eleven and Woolworths stores across Australia.

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