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Coffee Making Hub

Founded in 2014, Drink X has emerged as a trailblazer in the coffee beverage industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and commitment to quality.


Over the past seven to eight years, the company has amassed a wealth of experience, starting as a cold brew coffee maker and evolving into a multifaceted coffee hub.

Coffee Concentrate

Coffee RTDS & Concentrates

Elevate your craft with Drink X's artisanal ready-to-drink coffees and premium coffee concentrates. Empower your creations with exceptional flavors and convenience, tailored for coffee roasters and passionate baristas.

Nitro Coffee

Espresso Martinis and Liqueurs

Crafted with precision, Drink X specialises in Espresso Martinis and a diverse array of coffee liqueurs. Our expertly blended master pieces promise indulgent sips, perfect for any occasion.

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New Product Development/
drinkx Lab

Experience innovation through Drink X's cutting-edge product development and Drink X Lab service. Unleash creativity as our lab crafts bespoke drinks from scratch, tailored uniquely to your desires.

coffee can machine


Introducing a coffee packaging revolution: Our Coffee Canning machine. 100% curbside recyclable, it safeguards freshness and the environment, setting a new standard in sustainable packaging.

Drink X Logo

Embrace the essence of innovation at Drink X—a hub where passion fuels excellence. Collaborating with visionaries, we pioneer the next beverage frontiers. Our unwavering commitment to integrity and superior quality guides us. Crafted with precision, each product embodies the best.

Our close-knit family culture fosters a vibrant workspace. Bolstered by hard work, smart innovation, and trust, we create with joy. Beginning as a microbrewery in 2007, we've evolved into bridging the gap between major breweries and homebrewers, offering seamless production solutions for startups.

Join our journey to elevate the beverage experience.

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Who we are

Tim Page Walker         CEO

Drink X Logo

Tim Page Walker, the visionary CEO of Drink X, has revolutionised the beverage industry with eco-friendly products and services. With a strong background in hospitality, tourism and Masters' in Business and Project management, Tim's passion for crafting exceptional drinks flourished through extensive research and chemistry expertise.


Since 2007, he has specialised in coffee, driving Drink X's success. His adaptability and never-say-no attitude make him an entrepreneurial force. Trusting his team, Tim leads Drink X to new heights, setting standards for exceptional beverages. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to sustainability, he pushes boundaries and makes a difference.


Tim's journey in the beverage industry is a testament to his unyielding dedication and commitment to pushing boundaries. As the visionary leader behind Drink X, he continues to drive the company to new heights with a passion for creating exceptional drinks that leave a lasting impact on the industry and the planet. 

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M. 0417 103 214


Drink X Logo
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Freshness Preserved. Planet Protected

Coffee Can Seamer
Coffee Can Product Example
Coffee Can

Introducing our revolutionary Oktober Can seamer - the ultimate solution for preserving freshness while protecting the planet.


With our innovative technology, your coffee beans are sealed within cans, locking in their pristine flavour and aroma, ensuring every ground is as invigorating as the day they were roasted.

But that's not all. We go beyond the delicious taste by embracing sustainability. Our cans are fully recyclable, reducing waste and minimising environmental impact.


Experience the perfect balance of exceptional freshness and responsible packaging with our can seamer. Join us in the journey to preserve the planet one can at a time.

enviromentally friendly logo


Working With the Best

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Drinkx Expanding

Drink X is taking a giant leap with a jaw-dropping expansion! 

We're thrilled to introduce four new uni tanks and a cutting-edge brewery system to craft your favourite brews with even more precision and love.

With an extra 26,000 litres of storage, we're geared up to meet the soaring demand and deliver freshness like never before. As we embark on this new journey, we can't wait to embrace the upcoming summer with you by our side.

Thanks to your unwavering support, our capacity is now enormous!


Raise your glasses to #DrinkXExpansion and the endless possibilities ahead!

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