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DrinkX is dedicated to crafting high-quality beverages for every kind of beverage enthusiast.


From Microbrews to Hand Sanitiser: The Evolution of Drink X

Drink X started as a microbrewery with Bellarine Brewing Company in 2007, solely focusing on craft beers. However, when waiting for their alcohol license to be approved, they branched out into non-alcoholic drinks such as coffee and Coffee Keg was birthed in 2014.


When COVID hit and their businesses stopped overnight, they pivoted into hand sanitizer, launching Surf Coast Sanitiser in 2020.


Then to support the ever expanding coffee industry Coffee Can Australia was formed in 2022 and they secured the new Oktober Sealing machines from America and have became the exclusive agent for Australia and New Zealand.


All these entities were pulled under one brand, Drink X, where the unknown and X factor in their beverage market shines through.

Tim Page Walker         CEO

 Drink X

Tim Page Walker, the visionary CEO of Drink X, has revolutionised the beverage industry with eco-friendly products and services. With a strong background in hospitality, tourism and Masters' in Business and Project management, Tim's passion for crafting exceptional drinks flourished through extensive research and chemistry expertise.


Since 2007, he has specialised in coffee, driving Drink X's success. His adaptability and never-say-no attitude make him an entrepreneurial force. Trusting his team, Tim leads Drink X to new heights, setting standards for exceptional beverages. With unwavering dedication and a commitment to sustainability, he pushes boundaries and makes a difference.


Tim's journey in the beverage industry is a testament to his unyielding dedication and commitment to pushing boundaries. As the visionary leader behind Drink X, he continues to drive the company to new heights with a passion for creating exceptional drinks that leave a lasting impact on the industry and the planet. 

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