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This Page outlines the process of how to start working with Drink X.


It begins with by filling out our New Product Inquiry form. The process continues below. 

New Product Inquiry Form

Contact Information

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Company Information

Product Details:

Market Readiness:

Is your product ready for the market?
Has your product been tested?

If your project is currently in the initial ideas stage, we recommend partnering with a food scientist to help bring your concept to life.

Research and Development in the Drink X Lab is available for coffee based products, and products that are nearly
market-ready. If you're looking for the finishing touches on flavour, compliance, packaging, or scaling up production, you're in the right place. Let's make your drink a market success together!

Food Scientists

Research and Development is $140 per Hourly Lab Session

I understand that if my product does not yet have a recipe and needs to be created I must work with a Food Scientist:

Production Requirements:

Our minimum production quantity is 1000 Litres 

Packaging Details:

What packaging do you require?
Do you need assistance with sourcing packaging?

 Please note you will need to supply us with your own labels, and all labels must be Left Hand Leading.

Loading Courier


Getting product too and from Drink X is completely up to the customer.


If your products are to be packaged on a CHEP Pallet, these must be ordered with your RAW materials.

Production Process

The Customer will provide:
Calm and Stormy Can

Additional Information

Thanks! We’ll contact you shortly. Thank you for your inquiry.

Food Scientists

If your product needs to be developed from scratch, here are our recommended food scientists:


To protect your proprietary intellectual property, we provide and sign NDAs ensuring confidentiality throughout our collaboration.

  • Wide Range of Beverages: From alcoholic to non-alcoholic, carbonated to cold brew, with a primary focus on coffee.

  • Scalable Production: Minimum Order is 1000L but capable to produce medium to large scale production.

  • Customisation: Tailored beverage solutions to meet unique customer needs.

  • Exclusions: We do not have the capacity to produce dairy products or products containing nuts.


Recipe and Packaging

For us to advance together customers must provide a completed recipe, packaging including bottles and completed artwork/labels.


We do not supply these materials. Once your recipe is ready, ship your ingredients and materials to us for fine-tuning and production.

recipe and packaging.jpg
Glen and Gwen Safety Inspection

Quality Assurance

Drink X adheres to strict HACCP guidelines, we ensure all products meet the highest safety standards.

The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is a preventive approach to food safety. It identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards throughout the food production process, ensuring products meet rigorous safety standards by monitoring critical points, establishing limits, and maintaining thorough records. This enhances consumer protection and product quality.

HACCP Quality Control


With your approval, we commence production, keeping you updated throughout the process.

Fork Lift Loading Courier

Your products are delivered within a few days of production, ensuring they meet all agreed specifications.

Final Delivery

Our Clients Say

Dave Makin Axil Coffee
"Drink X's commitment to quality and innovation has been key to Axil Coffee's success, making them an invaluable partner."

David Makin, Axil Coffee

axil coffee can
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